Yoga Flow

Our ‘Yoga Flow’ classes are taught at a warm room temperature between 21 & 25 degrees Celsius. In a Flow class there is more emphasis on the transitions into, out of and between postures, aswell as the linking of movement with the breath (known as Vinyasa).

Flow- Beginners allows you to find your movement flow and balance with simple sequences-repeated to develop skill & confidence. It is paced more slowly to allow a little more ‘experience’ in each of the postures-refining technique/position as you flow.

Flow- Dynamic gives you permission to liberate this mindful movement and you can expect to build more heat as you flow with your breath. A fusion of principles from yoga, neuromuscular mobility training and functional movement to create space and build integrated strength. Get playful and creative with your movement, and immerse yourself in your experience of body & breath to find that ‘state of flow’.



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Get your flow on every Tuesday night @ 6:30pm & Saturday morning @ 9:30am..

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