Fundamentals (basics)

Think of this class as ‘yoga basics’. The fundamentals are often the most difficult thing to get your head round, but once you do, they open up a world of possibility.

Ideal if you are new to yoga and want to learn the poses, build some strength, and work on balance and flexibility. You will work through a series of postures with a specific technique, theme or universal principle each week. Work on your breath control and gain an enhanced understanding and enjoyment of the yoga postures without too much demand on the wrists.

Expect some longer holds to explore the poses and break them down, this will build strength, less constant movement (flow), more slow-it-down and nail the basics.

Beginner friendly/Low wrist demand


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Focus on the fundamentals..

This class is currently taught on Tuesdays @ 6pm. Scroll through the calendar below to book the class..

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