Autumn Practices for self-care.

24th October 2021 | 10:30 - 12:30 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

Join Helen-Olivia for this 2hr workshop offering seasonal support for the Autumn months in the form of an energy balancing yin-restorative yoga practice, journaling & energy work using meridian pressure points and self massage.
Beginners welcomed & supported.

Workshop topics:

  • 5 element theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a way to support a ‘go with the flow’ approach to the season of autumn. 
  • Some of the basic principles of TCM and how they can inform us to bring balance and lessen the resistance to this seasonal shift.
  • Explore some useful meridian points for self-healing and soothing. Deepening our understanding of the season of autumn in the language of the subtle energy body.
  • A seasonal yin-restorative practice with emphasis on healing and encouraging natural energy flow and to relieve blockages which will carry you through this season. *beginners welcome
  • Opportunity to discuss the physical and energetic impact of the metal element which targets the Lungs and Large intestine, and translates perfectly for autumn as the theme of ‘letting go’. There will also be the opportunity to journal.


Option to purchase Autumn essential oils pulse roller ~

Helen has offered to bring along her own seasonal blend of essential oils ‘Breathe & release’ which is perfect for use during the autumn months to help with seasonal sniffles, to breathe clearly & clarity of mind. These will be available to purchase on the day for £12.

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Come join us, learn, meditate, journal and practice in this informative self-care workshop.

Please bring a journal/notebook, pen & some cosy socks.

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