18th April 2021 | 12:20 - 15:45 | Location: Online

Yoga isn’t just asana, but while we are practicing asana, it’s best to do it it an informed, safe and sustainable way, focusing on integrity over aesthetics. Yes, I’ll admit that in this workshops you might do some cool looking backbend shapes, but we are definitely not ‘chasing the shape.’ Strength and control are key!

Through this workshop you will:

– Increase your understanding of backbends and learn how to apply that to your regular practice,

– Develop a set of tools you can use to strengthen your over-loose bits and open your over-tight bits.

– Increase knowledge and skill as you work in the direction of pose like full dancers, wheel, king pigeon, drop backs.

– Learn how to keep your spine protected and safe in backbends

– Have a vinyasa based practice based around backhanding

This workshop is for anyone with a regular practice and although there will be some advanced poses, the focus is the direction of travel, rather than destination. Contortionists and desk workers will both equally find challenge and benefit.

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