Deep relaxation & Gong Spa

22nd November 2021 | 19:30 - 21:00 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

Yoga Nidra & Sound healing

Bianca is teaming up with Sound healer Martyn to bring you something really special.

This 90minute session will begin with a guided meditation to take you into a deep state of rest; this is called Yoga Nidra or ‘Yoga sleep’. Accompanied by the gongs & supported by blankets, bolsters & eye pillows you will be guided by both Bianca & Martyn and then fully immersed in the magic of the Gong Spa in it’s pure form for the last part.

Deeply healing, deeply relaxing.. bathe in the vibrations & allow them to reach every cell to remove blockages & rejuvenate you from within!

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This event will run 7:30-9pm

Blankets, eye pillows & bolsters will be provided. Feel free to bring anything additional you feel you need to support your body & ensure you are in comfort.

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