Menopause Yoga Workshop

30th October 2021 | 13:00 - 16:00 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

Optimizing & Empowering you!

Your Menopause – Health and Nutrition

Today It is estimated that around 13 million Women in the UK, are Perimenopausal or Menopausal. That’s equal to a third of the entire female population in the UK .

Do you know where you are on this journey?

This workshop brings together accredited menopause yoga teacher Sharon, and menopause specialist dietitian Mairi from Stanner Nutrition Clinic to help you optimise your transition into post-menopause.

The workshop will begin with a talk about the stages in the menopause and the recognised symptoms. How Yoga can play an important role in managing symptoms and improving your physical & mental wellbeing through this time.

Sharon will then guide you through a nourishing Pitta-balancing Yoga practice exploring breathing techniques, meditation and journaling. Techniques to support you though this transition: releasing heat and finding space in your body and mind.

The yoga practice is suitable for absolutely everybody, beginners are welcomed.

The second half of the workshop will be led by Mairi who has 23 years experience working as a dietician & specialises in nutrition for the menopause. Mairi will talk about how you can support yourself through your diet at this stage in you life, then open up a question and answer session where you can get advice to those all important questions!

Through this workshop you will:

  • Learn about the different stages of menopause
  • Recognise symptoms of perimenopause/menopause
  • Empower yourself!
  • Learn breathing techniques which help relieve symptoms
  • Explore journaling
  • Learn meditation & yoga practices well suited to your needs
  • Gain community & support
  • Learn about Nutrition in the context of menopause.


Some of the topics discussed will include;

Energy levels, weight gain during menopause, diet and sleep during menopause, how diet can affect your symptoms, osteoporosis, Menopause and the foods everyone wants to know about- coffee, alcohol and chocolate!

Q. If you have a specific question regarding Menopause & diet please email these over to us before the event & Mairi will include them in her Q&A on the day!

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The workshop will run 1-4pm

1-3pm Yoga, discussion & women’s circle

3-4pm Nutrition for Menopause with Mairi

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