Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

6th August 2022 | 13:00 - 15:00 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

You’re pregnant, congratulations! The journey through pregnancy should be a special time, but it can also bring with it a host of mixed emotions and feelings as our body adapts physically, emotionally & mentally.

Sarah has guided hundreds of women through therapeutic prenatal yoga practices & I’m thrilled to have her come share this workshop with you at the studio.

Through this session you can expect to:

  • be helped to connect with your baby by using different breathing techniques.
  • explore gentle movements to help ease out tension and remain strong throughout pregnancy, labour & birth.
  • be supported to become more informed about your changing body and emotions throughout your pregnancy.
  • deeply relax with guided meditation & visualisation.
  • meet other mamas to be in your local area.
  • gain a deeper familiarity with a range of breathing practices and movements so that you can use them at home, during labour & birth.
  • be reminded to take time out of a busy work and home life to care for 7 bond with your baby.

I look forward to seeing you ~ Sarah

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