‘Stay Radiant’ Weekend training with Tatiana DePillo

15th - 17th October 2021 | Starting at 17:30 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

I’m honoured & beyond excited to tell you about this International guest teacher visiting us in October..

Once in a while you find a teacher who just changes the game.. Tatiana brings things together in a recipe that cultivates a magical combo of awareness, embodiment, radiance & power.

This weekend of training will change the way you think, feel & experience your body, your practice & maybe even beyond.

Teachers.. learn from teachers who lead from the front. IRL! Finally!

Students..  this is a beautiful opportunity to practice with a true movement leader. Whatever your current narrative of what you ‘can’ & ‘can’t’ do you will come away from this weekend feeling empowered & inspired in your body, mind & beyond.

The schedule is designed as a well rounded & balanced immersion perfect for both students & teachers both.

For details of booking options see bottom of page.

The Details;

Friday: SGV Hips Master Class 


Dynamic, Sustainable, Smart 

Sacred Geometry Vinyasa uses the sacred geometry of your own proportions as a map to each posture. Practice begins with rotational movements and functional activations, then Asanas (postures) in which you’ll learn to center yourself with the Magic Square, and use the metaphor of the body as a house to enrich your practice. Time on your mat becomes a journey to insights rather than a race for postures.


Saturday: SGV Backbends and Transitions 


Become truly spherical by expanding from fundamental backbend details to creative transitions.

Learn to leverage your lower body to lift your lungs to create a sustainable backbend. Once you know how to use the tools than you have options, and options make you powerful.

*Level variations will be provided, everyone will be able to participate!


Saturday: Flowletics, a body weight practice of play and precision


Flowletics is a movement focused body weight system born from Tatiana’s life experience of many movement modalities, utilizing your body weight and the floor as an apparatus. Some of these inspirations are pulled from the NY house dance culture, capoeira, modern dance, and jiu- jitsu grappling.

My superpower is making grace and fluidity  accessible to people who have no background in movement. All it takes to tap into the incredible feeling of flow state is practice and pattern development. Patterns give you options that can be linked together as you develop your own style. It just takes a little time to break things down into pieces, and it becomes joyful.

*You will need layers and socks


Sunday: Handstands, shoulders, forward folds


Developing a handstand is about 3 things:

Mobility – it’s crucial to work on the pieces of you that create a handstand to not only to be as efficient as possible but stay injury free. From wrists to shoulders, to forward bends.

Technique – Practice is only as good as what you practice. Refine your efforts to make progress.

Consistency – when you have a good plan, you stick with it.

With +20 plus years of experience, and rebuilding a handstand practice after injuries she knows how to get you where you want to go, safely.


Sunday pm:  Restorative Yoga & Pranayama Breath work 


The virtue of a restorative practice is that poses are propped, slowed down and held for longer setting up the conditions for a renovation, to iron out habits, and tendencies that keep you stuck, and most importantly it feels good!  When you are supported you can let go of your investment of having to hold it all together.

Pranayama practice based on the Katonah Magic Square and layers of metaphor stitches the mind, body and breath together so you that become a sphere of radiance and competency. You will learn to develop your insight, and imagination so you can create the big vision of your life and the determination to make it happen.

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Full Weekend training (5 workshops) £185 – BOOK NOW

SAT/SUN 2 DAYS (excludes Friday) £150 BOOK NOW

Individual workshops £40 – BOOK NOW

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