Teacher Flow School

1st - 29th July 2021 | Starting at 09:30 | Location: Mula Yoga Studio

A unique peer and mentor support program, with in-studio training for newly qualified yoga teachers to get into your teaching flow. The curriculum includes yoga practice, observation & analysis and teaching methodology. It is designed to meet a teaching needs analysis all participants are required to complete before the course commences.

  • 4 Thursdays throughout July 2021

What you get:

  • Teaching practice needs analysis

  • Tuition from 9.30AM – 4PM every Thursday in July

  • Time with a local teacher mentor (attend class, chats, support, co-teach)

  • Access to EYY online materials

  • Peer support group

Who is it for:

  • Anyone who has only trained online and wants some in person training.

  • Anyone who is new to teaching and is seeking some additional support.

  • Anyone new to teaching who would like to be in a peer support group.

Who is your tutor?

Emily is an E-RYT with yoga alliance international, a higher education lecturer and researcher, with 15 years experience of training teachers across education settings.

Want to know more? Drop Emily an email to arrange a call. (emilybradyyoung@icloud.com)

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Want to know more? Drop Emily an email to arrange a call. (emilybradyyoung@icloud.com)

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