Bianca’s focus is on bringing movement & mindfulness into different people’s lives. She does this in a light-hearted, fun and gentle way. She is great at creating calm and focus in the mind through mindfulness & mellow ‘feel-good’ movement for the body. Bianca’s classes are challenging, playful & inclusive. They can be enjoyed by anyone-regardless of experience level.

Bianca’s Yoga Roots;

Bianca was first introduced to yoga at school in Sri Lanka, and has been practicing on and off since then. However, it wasn’t until she moved to England and practiced yoga more often that she discovered the real benefits of the practice; mentally, physically and spiritually. Noticing that yoga and meditation has helped her become a calmer, more relaxed, happy and present person (just ask her husband James, I’m sure he’ll agree).

Throughout her life, Bianca has always wanted to work in a profession that creates a positive change for people, two degrees in sociology and social anthropology will attest to that. Finally finding her niche, Bianca loves sharing her passion for yoga with her students and helping them feel a little better and more aware within their own bodies.

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