My classes blend mindful movement, embodied breath and functional flow to help you explore your potential.
Mindful movement is experiential, it’s a game of using your body in time and space to your advantage. Developing your tools to find freedom in your movement, magic in your breath and power in your mind. So that ultimately you can thrive.

My teaching style is constantly evolving as I learn more and more about movement everyday & my teaching is a product of my study and experience. I’m on the journey with my students sharing my insights with them.

I like to teach people to move in different ways, to be dynamic & able to adapt, and to find a ‘flow state’ through focus, challenge and breath. I will encourage you to tune in to what you need and learn how that changes over time.

My yoga roots;

My first training was in 2016, where the incredible Andrea Everingham opened my eyes to what I had to offer. I began teaching alongside my full time job as a Veterinary Nurse & continued to be a dedicated student of yoga-taking many further trainings to deepen her knowledge. This is still something I feel strongly about doing. Once my classes grew, I knew I needed to create a space for us locally to come together- to move, breathe & feel connection. I wanted to create a space where I could continue to evolve what I offered and where I could nurture a community for those who had the same drive as me-to explore themselves beyond the superficial. I opened the studio in November 2019 to begin this journey.

I began Hot Yoga classes as a form of physical exercise & a way to de-stress from my job. When I found myself on a yoga mat for the first time it felt like coming home to myself. But it also highlighted how ‘not at home’ I felt in my body, how disconnected I was. I think that is what kept me coming back. No matter what, I came back to that mat. Yoga has taught me how to be at home in my body and connect to myself. It has taught me about balance, about grit, focus, determination and self-care (not just the fluffy kind). This is what drives me to bring a little of that powerful stuff into the lives of others.

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