Willow is passionate that yoga should be accessible to all-bodies.. and she has this amazing way of guiding you inwards to help you restore yourself and find this inner sanctuary of relaxation that you never even knew existed. Willow blends rich teachings, mantra and breath work with accessible poses that nourish all bodies. Expect grounding, restorative vibes with a nurturing gentle approach. Guided tranquillity.

Willow’s Yoga Roots;

Willow grew up with yoga, with a yogi for a mum. So yoga philosophy & teachings were part of her upbringing. Over the last decade she has lived in yoga communities all over the world and completed her teaching training in Sivananda Hatha in 2015 in the Bahamas. Her yoga style is all about celebrating yourself, tapping into that theme she blends rich teachings, mantra and breath with accessible poses that nourish all bodies. There will always be emphasis on breath & mindfulness. Willow is beginning to discover a passion for tapping into different energetics to bring about a sense of connection and mindfulness in all that you do- she is currently using art as a medium for this. Willow sees the yoga community as an extended family and you feel that in her classes.

You can attend Willows classes and feel truly welcome & at ease in your body whilst also gaining a deeper connection to your inner wisdom.

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