Class Schedule

In-Studio classes recommence on the 25th July!

Please ensure you read our Covid-19 policy before attending in-studio class.

All classes must be pre-booked here or in-app.

Our new timetable has a mix of In-Studio & Online classes, plus you can access ‘anytime’ classes via the App.

Class schedule

How to Book:

 All classes must be pre-booked at this time. To book your classes you can use our App GloFox as usual, or use the booking facility at the bottom of this page.

Current ‘Online’ memberships will be honoured for all classes (inc studio) until expiry. Pre-purchased class credits will also be available to use again from 25/7. Please check out the membership page to see the new membership options.

Online classes; Your link to join class will be emailed to you shortly after booking. Our Online classes are streamed through ZOOM so make sure you are set up with the most up to date version of this also.

 You can also access ‘anytime’ online classes via the Community section of the GloFox App.

GloFox App > Community = ‘Anytime’ Online classes

Many of these classes are exclusive to those paying membership. They can also be easily streamed to your smart TV as they all use YouTube. We will be regularly updating new content here and if you would like to request something specific you can contact me by email or message me on our social media pages.

Pay-as-you-go is available for all our classes, these are priced appropriately.


Worth noting:

A huge thank you to everybody who has supported and practiced with us during a continually challenging time. I’m sure you will all agree that we’ve needed yoga and that sense of community more than ever! For those who I haven’t seen for a while, I have been thinking of you all & very much look forward to seeing you in our sanctuary @ Mula Yoga

Helen xx

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