About us..

Welcome to Mula Yoga. Our name ‘Mula’ (pron. moo-la) from sanskrit means ‘to root’ or ground. 

Our studio is a space for you to feel at home in your body, connected & centred. To explore your potential, evolve, and find balance in your mind, body & soul. We practice together to feel connected to others & share our experiences.

Trust Yourself, Trust the Yoga.

What is Yoga?

Contrary to popular belief, Yoga is not just for the flexible, it is not about touching your toes. Yes, yoga will undoubtedly promote physical health; good mobility & build strength. But beyond that, Yoga is about re-connecting with yourself, learning how to get space from your thoughts & feel more at one with the world around you. It allows you to create ritual in your life- space & time to move and explore the magic in your own body because it feels good. For us, yoga is the whole package.

What about the science?.. here is a just few of the key benefits of getting on the yoga mat


Quality Teachers

Our teaching team deliver varied classes with a inclusive approach & an emphasis on creating community. We are here to support your yoga practice with evolving knowledge & experience.

Beyond classes

As well as scheduled classes we also hold regular workshops and courses with both resident & guest teachers to give you a varied experience, help you develop specific skills & deepen your knowledge in many areas of the practice.

One to One Yoga

Private yoga/small group sessions: Working one-on-one is a great way to delve into the unique needs of your practice with a teacher, please reach out to any of our great teachers to enquire about availability & schedule a private session. Rates vary by teacher/group size.


Who are my teachers?

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