About us..

We are a community focused studio. We believe that movement, mindfulness, meditation & a little magic can help you to thrive. Tap into the JOY of the moment & experience all that life has to offer with openness and presence!

Our name ‘Mula’ (pron. moo-la) from sanskrit means ‘to root’ or ground. 

The studio provides a space for everyone to find that sense of grounding, centre, space & exploration of self. Our classes aim to help you to feel at home in your body. We practice together, grow together, share & uplift each other.

Trust Yourself, Trust the Yoga.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is rooted in tradition but these day’s it’s also representative of any mindful movement practice. When science meets tradition you get a recipe for practical magic. Using your body purposefully & with precision, learning skills & sitting with challenge is life enhancing & enriching. With a focus on play & joy our classes aim to help you realise that mind & body are not separate and when you take ownership & responsibility for both you become empowered in life beyond the mat.

By looking after your body you ensure you have a good home for your mind. By looking after your mind you ensure it doesn’t unravel whilst in the body. Both of these things mean you can experience more JOY. That is the goal of a yoga & mindful movement practice.

If you need the science to be convinced, studies have observed all of the following effects of regular mindful movement;


Quality Teachers

Our teaching team deliver a variety classes with different energy, from gentle & mellow to stong & sweat inducing. We are centred around serving our community & helping it grow. We are here to support your yoga practice with a wealth of evolving knowledge & experience.

Beyond classes

As well as scheduled weekly classes we have regular workshops at the studio with both resident & guest teachers to give you a varied experience, help you develop skills & grow your toolkit.

One to One Yoga

Working 1 to 1 is a great way to delve into the unique experience of the practice and work on your own specific goals with a teacher, please reach out with the contact form if you are interested in personal tuition tailored to your needs/goals.


Who are my teachers?

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