Energy in motion.

8th Mar - 5th Apr 2021 | Starting at 18:00 | Location: Online

In this 5 week class series you will explore the duality and nature of Yin & Yang. These principles of ancient Chinese tradition can serve as a way to work towards health & balance. Drop into some Yin, Vinyasa (yang), explore meridian and chakra work and journey into self-discovery.

When we learn how to move, find stillness and hold our bodies in certain ways we can relieve ourselves of stuck energy & self soothe.

We will explore;

Liver Gallbladder | Wood – the season of Spring, renewal and awakening. Discernment vs anger.

Heart Small intestine| Fire – the season of Summer, manifesting & the heart-mind. Joy vs regret.

Spleen Stomach| Earth – the season of Indian (late) Summer, intention & centering. Trust vs worry/anxiety.

Lungs Large Intestine| Metal, season of autumn, ability to let go. Letting go vs grief.

Kidney Urinary Bladder | Water, season of Winter, calm and peacefulness, allowing. Wisdom vs fear.


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60min practice every Monday @ 6pm

Runs weekly 8/3/21 – 5/4/21

Investment £40 for the series//50% disocunt for full members

Recordings available for 7 days for an immersive experience.

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