Yin Yoga & Relax

Yin Yoga is a perfect class for those who want to slow down, release tension & create space to be mindful. A soothing practice that works on the joints & fascia for longevity in the body. Also great for super active people who want to work on their flexibility. The perfect compliment to our vinyasa practices & the stresses of a very ‘yang’ dominant life.

This class is for those who like a more relaxed approach to their yoga. Stay low and grounded, hold gentle postures for longer allowing low-level stress on the tissues to open up space in your body. The ideal antidote to a hard day-which often leaves us with a hard body and busy mind. Often postures use studio props like bolsters & blankets for support.

Relaxation is the state of being that this practice often induces. Yin is a very calming practice & one which teaches us to let go & surrender, something we often find very difficult to do.


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Join the Yin- crowd every Monday night @ 7:45pm

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