Vinyasa Yoga

Our Vinyasa style yoga classes are taught at a warm room temperature between 21 & 25 degrees Celsius. Vinyasa is also known as ‘flow’ so expect continuous movement in these classes flowing from one posture to the next. In this style there is more emphasis on the transitions between postures, aswell as the linking of movement with the breath. All Vinyasa classes at the studio follow the same principles, but each teacher has their own personal approach.

‘Beginners & Beyond’ These classes follow a fixed sequence to allow you to build your strength, coordination, balance & awareness across all the fundamental postures. Build confidence, find space & freedom in your body & mind. This class is designed to take the guesswork & decision fatigue out of your day leaving you free to clear your mind, focus on your body & drop into the moment.

‘Vinyasa’ All other Vinyasa classes on the timetable run in 4-6week cycles where teachers can expand on different elements of the class during each cycle & allowing for growth within the repetition each week.

N.B. Vinyasa-Level up! on Tuesday night sees us throw in some more adventurous transitions & strength based movements. Expect a heating, playful & challenging practice 

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The following classes are Vinyasa style;

‘Beginners & Beyond’ ~ Monday 6:30pm

‘Vinyasa-Level up’ ~ Tuesday 7pm

Vinyasa Yoga ~ Thursday 9:30am & Tuesday 10am

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