Womens Yoga

During this class Gina will be focusing on gentle movements, channelled for the female body. It’s suitable for all women at all ages and stages..

As women, our needs fluctuate throughout our monthly/life cycles – for example when we menstruate, are in the pre/postnatal stages or transition through to menopause.

Many traditional yoga practices were derived for male bodies and therefore don’t honour these changing needs of the feminine. This can leave some women feeling not held by their yoga spaces or practices at every stage of life.

The focus for this class is to create a space for you to feel at home and grounded in your body. To empower you to have agency during your yoga practice and choose to move in a way that feels good rather than having to meet any expectations or push yourself into poses that your body may not want to do.

If you’ve ever felt disempowered as a woman, or in your yoga spaces, have felt disconnected from your body, had women’s health issues or would just like to be in a space to relax and feel held by nourishing practices whilst in the company of other women then this class is for you.

Suitable for; menstruating, pregnant, post natal, menopausal & post menopausal women.. you are ALL welcome!

Contact @gina_torres if you have any questions about the class 🙂

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